Cushions, Squabs & Bolsters

Whether you require scatter cushions, silk cushions, plain cushions or something tailor made to fit a specific sofa or bed, Cover Up Designs can produce the perfect piece for you.

Our Cushions, Squabs & Bolsters are made by our highly skilled seamstresses. They all have years of experience in producing hand finished quality products.

They create comfortable and stylish cushions that not only add to the aesthetic appeal of a room but also provide the necessary support for the body. Our handmade cushions come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and our seamstresses  have a keen eye for detail to ensure that every cushion they make is unique and of high quality.

We pride ourselves for a unique blend of creativity, technical skills, and a strong understanding of the latest trends and design styles. Oue eye for colour and pattern ensures we create cushions that complement the overall decor of any space.

Our Design Studio affords us a wonderful range of fabrics and trimmings, enabling us to source the most suitable fabrics for your projects, from a large price range. We are also happy to work with clients own fabrics and trimmings to produce their dream Cushions, Squabs & Bolsters.